Date 04/06/23 Time 19:00 GMT+1 Location Trondheim, Norway
19:00 GMT+1
Trondheim, Norway

Event Details

P. Casals: Nigra sum/Tonu Kôrvits – fra Salomos Høysang
A. Pârt: Peace upon you, Jerusalem
Eric Tuan/Pablo Neruda: Nocturne
F. Poulenc: Litanies á la Vierge noire,  kor og orkester
C. Debussy/D.G. Rossetti:
La Damoiselle élue; Kor, solist versjon for kammerorkester ved Jeremy Edelstein og Fergus McAlpine


This chamber setting of Debussy’s “La Dameoiselle élue” captures the personal nature of the work’s story, where a woman who recently died mourns for her love who remains on Earth.

Using Jeremy Edelstein’s first reduction as a framework, I simply reordered the instruments slightly to ripen the orchestra sound with a small ensemble: this included removing any parts of the instrumentation that would cause logistical problems in terms of instrument size (eg. Marimba) and added a saxophone to bridge the timbre between the brass and winds of the orchestra (also a convenience as we played Debussy’s “Rhapsodie” for Saxophone and orchestra in the same programme). What resulted was a flowing ensemble work with a rich sound, that at no point overpowers the soloists or chorus.

Admission to the concert is free. Find more details at: Cantare / Programme