Date 20/04/22 Time 20:00 GMT+1 Location Oper Köln
20:00 GMT+1
Oper Köln

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Eternal life – digital

To live forever: it’s possible as an upload, a digital version of yourself. It sounds like science fiction, but in the not-all-too-distant future, it will be possible to transfer our memories, thoughts and experiences to an artificial brain. A utopia for some; it means we can exist forever and that our loved ones would never have to miss us. But what are the consequences for our humanity, our identity and for our relationships?

Libretto  Michel van der Aa
Musical direction  Otto Tausk
Stage direction  Michel van der Aa
Set and lighting design  Theun Mosk
Costumes  Elske van Buuren
Dramaturgy  Madelon Kooijman and Niels Nuijten

Father  Roderick Williams
His Daughter  Julia Bullock

Orchestra  Ensemble MusikFabrik

Composition commissioned and coproduced by  Dutch National Opera; DoubleA Foudation (Amsterdam); Ensemble MusikFabrik (Cologne); Oper Köln (Cologne); Bregenzer Festspiele; The Armory (New York)

Sung in English

(Text from Dutch National Opera)