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Date 19/11/23 Time 20:15 GMT+1 Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
20:15 GMT+1
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event Details

For decades, programming Mahler’s works has been selling out halls – every conductor likes to put his or her stamp on it. But why is Mahler so popular in The Netherlands? In ‘Mahler Unmasked’, the Zemlinsky Chamber Orchestra explores by doing what they do best: exposing the layers of Mahler’s 5th Symphony in a small ensemble to reveal the true heart and soul of his symphonic masterpiece. This masterpiece work is mirrored against homegrown music: Mask by Michel van der Aa and the 1st Piano Concerto by Robin de Raaff, perhaps the two extremes of the Dutch musical spectrum. Not only is an endless variety of timbres created by a small ensemble of pure orchestral instruments, but mixing these musical elements – from electronic micropolyphonic music to the beautiful Adagietto – makes this the ultimate way to listen to Mahler. It’s time to unmask Mahler!

The Zemlinsky Chamber Orchestra is a young, vibrant collective consisting of young professional musicians from all over the world, based in Amsterdam. The core ensemble consists of a string quintet and a wind quintet, which can be expanded with other instruments to achieve the most diverse timbres possible. Led by conductor Fergus McAlpine, the ZCO performs grand works in an intimate setting and combines chamber music with symphonic works. With Alexander von Zemlinsky as its namesake, the collective champions unknown yet high-quality music.

Tickets/more information: Mahler Ontmaskerd